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Wines and more....

We love Cretan wine... and we hope that this love can be spread all over the world.

Our main goal is to represent as many Cretan wines as possible.

We often enrich our product range with more wines and more producers.

WE ARE the only e-shop with strictly Cretan wines

enjoy.... love Crete's finest wines in one click...

About Us

About Us

Our love for our island, the need to highlight local products, as well as our love for good wines, made us search through the one side of Crete to the other and find the best wineries.

Believe us… they maybe small… but they are unique .

We tasted and got “drunk" with the wonderful “Vidiano” , a unique white wine , who’s variety exists only in Crete.

Likewise, the “Plyto” and “Vilana” are exquisite white wines, who’s varieties are also being generously handed out by the Cretan ground.

The wonderful reds… “Madilari” and “Kotsifali” are excellent choices which we also loved.

So we decided that the flavorsome wines of Crete are worth sharing with you. Give you the opportunity to try them if you haven’t  and be sure that you will definitely want to taste them again…  A taste  with everything our island can offer:  sun, water, air, sea, smells, tastes, colors …..  so many wonderful  things, that are contained in a bottle of Cretan wine.

So… from us… to you,

99% of Crete’s wineries in just one click, ready to hand out 100% of Crete’s pleasure..

Enjoy ....... Cheers !!!!!

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