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Wines and more....

We love Cretan wine... and we hope that this love can be spread all over the world.

Our main goal is to represent as many Cretan wines as possible.

We often enrich our product range with more wines and more producers.

WE ARE the only e-shop with strictly Cretan wines

enjoy.... love Crete's finest wines in one click...

Frequently Asked Questions


1.1 Is it necessary to open an account , in order to buy goods from

it is necessary to open an account in order to buy goods from . Opening an account offers a variety of advantages such as:

  • You do not have to re-enter your personal data in the future
  • You have the ability to enter multiple addresses , convenient way if you wish to send gift orders
  •  Tracking ability of your previous orders
  • Tracking ability of your favorite product list
  • Ability to accept offers if you wish to receive newsletter.
  • Finally , in every visit in you can “login” with your account and have a personalized experience during your navigation in our website.


1.2 What is the procedure to open an account?

Choose the link “Create an account”  under the sing on the front page  of the website. You will go over to the next page, where you will have to fill in the requested data, as well as a personal code. After reading the operation terms of you will press “continue”

You will see the message “your account has been created”.

You must go to your e-mail account ( the one you have just entered on your personal data) open the e-mail sent and choose the confirmation link. You will automatically be transferred to your account page as a subscribed customer.


2.1 What is the procedure of ordering goods?

Find the goods that interest you. Click to the “BUY” link next to the product that interests you and will automatically be saved to your “shopping cart”. Continue with the rest of your choices and just repeat the procedure. All goods will be send to your “shopping cart” .

After you have finished placing your order click “check out” from your “shopping cart”. You will be transferred automatically  to the page where you will have to enter all necessary data   for your order to be placed and processed. If for any reason you find it impossible to complete the order, please do not hesitate to contact


2.2 How do I know that my order has been placed.

Once the order has been placed, you will receive an automated e-mail from that will inform you for all the goods you have ordered , the prices , the total cost of the order and to confirm the information entered during the order ( address, payment method , data..) You will be informed via mail for the progress of your order.



3.1 how can I pay for the goods I have ordered?

You can pay in 4 ways :

  • Credit card
  • Deposit the amount in a bank account
  • Via PayPal



 We cooperate with Alpha Bank, in order to use and accept credit cards. All credit cards are accepted ( VISA< MASTERCARD) or debit cards from all banks. Payment procedure with this method is totally secure. For the transaction to take place you will be transferred automatically on to the Alpha Bank website, that has  the most sophisticated technologies on security issues.  This procedure is very quick and simple.

* What is the CVC /CVV Field?

The CVC/CVV field needs the 3 digit number  which is on the back of your credit card. This is requested as an extra security field.



You can deposit the total amount of your order in one of the account . You can find the exact cost of your order, as well as shipping costs on your shopping cart.

Total amount must be deposited in the account and you are pleased to deposit the exact amount shown. Please note that there are no extra hidden costs and for that reason, in web banking, when you are asked to define who is being charged for any costs (Sender, Receiver, Both) you must choose SENDER. accounts:

PIRAEUS BANK : account.: ----------------- IBAN: ---------------------

NATIONAL BANK : account.: -------- IBAN: -------------------

ALPHA BANK : account.: ------------- IBAN: ---------------------

Attention: your order will start taking place as soon as the amount is shown in one of the previous bank accounts.


3.1.3  Via PAYPAL

The online service PayPal offers a quick, easy and safe way to pay something on the internet , without having to put personal data of your card. So if you have a PayPal account you can proceed the payment with this way. account is almost immediately updated  after payment and can proceed immediately with your order.

If you don’t have a PayPal account you can easily create one (free of charge) by following the easy and understandable steps as prescribed in the PayPal website. The only thing you must do is to have a credit card, or you can wire the money from your bank account to a PayPal account. Money transferring or creating an account in PayPal is 100% free of charge.


3.2 Is it safe to pay by credit card in

The procedure is 100% safe. During the data submission it is impossible to be intercepted. The payment is not done in the website, but in an secure server of Alpha bank via protocol SSC (Secure Sockets layer) . with a key range of 128 bits. NO INFORMATION is saved in website that has to do with your credit cards. All personal data is held in the bank website for maximum  security.



4.1 In which countries do you deliver your goods? sends the ordered goods in any countries in Europe. Soon enough we will have the ability to send goods worldwide. If you are interested in sending goods outside Europe , or interested into sending big orders/ quantities , please contact us so we can give you an offer about the cost and way of delivery. All taxes valid in Greece are included in the final price of each good. If there are any other charges valid in your country, these are being pain by you and you only.

4.2  When do I receive the goods I ordered?

During the order you can choose the shipping method that fit your needs best.

  • 2 working day delivery

We deliver goods that are at immediate disposal anywhere in Greece and all Europe within 2 working days .

In most cases shipping is done the exact next day.

  • 5 working day delivery

If time is not an issue, there is a 5-6 working days delivery for whole Greece and Europe.

The cost is lower than the first. In most cases shipping is done the exact next day.


4.3 Is there Goods availability?

In most cases all goods are in immediate disposal. The disposal of each good is shown separately and it is in immediate disposal or temporally not in disposal.

In cases where there is a good out of stock and there is no ability to send it, the customer is informed by phone or by e-mail. In such case we have two options:

  • Order another product
  • Have a full of partial( in case there are also other goods to be send) refund of the order.



5.1 I ordered products by mistake. Can I return them after having them received?

We accept order cancellation with no cost for the customer , if and only if the order is cancelled BEFORE shipping. In case of order cancellation after the order send and before delivery, the customer is charged only with the shipping to Shipping cost always is charged to the customer.


5.2 How will I  get a money refund after an order cancellation or a product return?

Any money refund for any type of cancellation, is done only by crediting the account from where the money has been withdrawn, or by charging / crediting the card (credit/ debit) that has been used for the payment.

In case there has been an up on delivery payment, will return the money by depositing the amount on a bank account provided by the customer.


5.3 Can you advise me on which wine to serve in a forthcoming event I am placing?


 It will be a true pleasure to communicate with friends and customers about wine opinions, as well as have the chance to advice them about a wine for an event. So, do not hesitate to contact us via e-mail or by phone so we can help you make the best choice.

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